Using the latest water-based SMART paint techniques we efficiently and effectively repair scuffs, scratches, dents and chips to your vehicle's paintwork.

An expert and meticulous 3 part process:

In order to ensure consistently high standards we follow a 3 step process to restore your vehicle to it's former glory:

1. The damage is filled and rubbed down to create a smooth and perfect surface.  The car is masked to protect the undamaged area from contamination.

2. The area is painted using a dual-layered technique beginning with the colour-matched base coat and followed by a clear gloss lacquer for the perfect finish.

Flawless colour-matching is achieved through finely mixing tiny quantities of paint selected from 65 colours using up-to-the-minute paint computer software. 

This delicate process varys from car to car and colour to colour, with some vehicles requiring just 1 colour, while others will require 10 colours mixed together. 

The age and condition of a car's existing bodywork can sometimes affect the quality of a colour-match, and in these cases colour match is achieved through the practiced eye of our paint technician Jason, a skill built up through many years of practice!

3. The area is then expertly machine polished to finish.


As we don't have the premises overheads of a traditional bodyshop we are able to offer the customer significant savings on price.   Customer feedback  informs us  that we usually charge around 30 - 50% less than quotes that they had received from bodyshops.

To obtain a free no-obligation quote, or just to have an informal chat about any aspect of your car body repair needs, please call or email us or use the enquiry form below.


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